How to take care of bleached hair? A question that’s being asked frequently.

While bleach does wonders for lightening darker shades, it also leaves hair looking dry and lifeless.

Bleaching agents break down the pigmentation within your strands, leaving them prone to damage and even eventual color-fading with brassy hues.

You may have a head-turning look at first, but if you don’t know how to keep up with its special treatment needs, then that won’t last long – let us show you what works!

Let us show you the best tips and tricks to restore your bleached locks – giving them back their much-needed hydration for a healthier, more beautiful appearance.

What is Bleaching?

Hair bleach effectively changes your hair color by stripping the pigment, making it a simple and speedy route to lightening.

Once you have achieved the desired shade with this process, opt for a dye to alter or maintain your hue as desired!

What To Keep In Mind Before Bleaching?

Before you attempt hair bleaching, think twice and ask yourself if your mane can withstand it. Bleaching weakens the strands of your tresses, so unless they are up to par with good health, avoid bleaching, which puts them in danger of damage.

Maximize the moisture in your hair by utilizing moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, masks and treatments before booking a salon appointment. When it comes to nourishing strands, don’t let any opportunity slip away!


Although you can achieve bright, bleached hair in a single session, it might not be the best decision for the health of your locks. Opting for multiple sessions and a gradual blonding process will help to minimize any damage caused by bleach.

If you have bleached hair, it’s time to upgrade your hygiene regimen. Utilizing purple shampoo is a great way to restore the natural tones of blonde and bleached locks while keeping healthy hair – but don’t forget about using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners too! Nourishing your hair will help prevent dryness and keep it looking its best.


Remember that it may take several bleaching sessions to get the dramatic hair color you want.

Although the goal of faster results is tempting, resist the urge to keep bleach on your hair longer than suggested or scheduling appointments one after another.

Acting upon this impulse can cause serious harm to your locks – always follow recommended sitting times and space out each session at least two weeks apart.

What Happens to Hair When Bleached?

This is what happens to your hair once it’s bleached:

Changing Hair Texture

If done regularly, bleaching can cause permanent alterations to the texture of your hair. You may experience dryness, increased thickness or roughness due to frequent bleaching.

Swelling of Hair Strands

After having your hair bleached, the swelling of its cuticles is caused by a bleaching agent, resulting in an overall fuller look.

Changing Hair Color

Be aware that after bleaching, you might discover your hair undergoing dramatic color changes.

For instance, if black is your natural hair shade, it may become tinged with a reddish-orange hue.

Why Does Bleached Hair Need More Care?

It is quite obvious that one of the implications of bleaching hair is dryness, brittleness and damage.

So why exactly does this process cause such destruction? Also, will these effects persist for all eternity?

Bleaching your hair requires powerful chemicals that penetrate deep into the hair shaft to remove natural color.

Unfortunately, this harsh process often leaves behind damaged and weakened strands.

Bleached hair is more prone to damage than any other type of hair. The bleaching agents strip away the hair’s natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle – making it more susceptible to breakage, split ends and a lackluster appearance.

Weakened hair is also more susceptible to abuse from heat and environmental elements, thus making it essential to provide your locks with the necessary care.

Fortunately, with the proper aftercare regimen for bleached hair, you can enjoy lovely golden hues that are healthy and vibrant.

Ways To Care For Bleached and Dyed Hair


By following the tips below, you can revive your bleached hair and experience its former glory – sleek, lustrous and radiant locks!

Steer Clear of Bleaching the Tips of Your Hair

Hair at the ends often tends to be more prone to breakage due to repeated exposure to bleach and dye. In addition, when a full application is applied, it can further weaken those already fragile strands.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

To sustain your hair color and its natural oils, try reducing how often you wash your hair each week.

Three occasions should be sufficient to maintain vibrancy in the hue while locking away essential nutrients for healthiness.

Of course, if you wish, fewer washes are possible too! Although it requires patience and practice at first, your tresses will eventually adjust to the new routine.

Refresh and bring back the vibrancy of your hair with dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is perfect for sprucing up your locks between washes, keeping them from looking lacklustre and greasy.

When using this solution to prevent grease buildup, be sure to only apply it on those parts that need it–avoid putting any product near the ends of your tresses which may damage them over time.

With regular dry shampoo, you can find a suitable washing routine that suits you best!

Use Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is an absolute must-have for simply anyone with light hair. It’s specifically formulated to neutralize brassy yellow tones and revitalizes your tresses, leaving them looking bright and dazzling!

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Sulfates are a detergent normally found in commercial shampoos and help create lather. However, that added suds will not necessarily make your hair cleaner; instead, it can leave your locks looking “frazzled” if used on color-treated or highlighted hair!

Fortunately, there are many alternative shampoos to provide you with the cleanliness you seek without compromising the integrity of your tresses.

After investing time and achieving that ideal golden hue, keep your hair looking beautiful with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Maintaining this hair care routine will ensure your locks remain in optimal shape for longer!

Refresh Your Hair with Temperate Water

Reduce the temperature of your shower to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant! Hot water opens the hair’s cuticles, causing the color to rinse away faster.

Lowering the thermostat helps lock in those precious tones longer – so you can enjoy beautiful bleached locks any time of year.

To prevent your hair colour from fading, shampoo with lukewarm water and rinse the conditioner using cool water to seal a hair cuticle.

This will help keep your vibrant hue intact while preventing it from being washed away down the drain!

Give Your Hair A Much-Needed Break From Heat Styling Tools!


Although it may sound daunting, we recommend taking a break from using heated hair tools.

Applying heat to already dried-out locks can further damage the hair. However, this doesn’t mean you should never use heating tools again.

When using them, ensure to protect your hair with a heat treatment spray or conditioning mist beforehand.

If you must style your hair with an iron, follow up with a lightweight oil afterwards for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Opt for hair air dry for a better alternative blow drying.

Avoid Chlorine!

If you’re one of the fortunate ones to have a holiday this September, we know that you can’t wait to dive into your hotel pool.

Yet it’s just as important not to forget about prepping your hair beforehand!

Be sure to apply some leave-in conditioner for thick or thin hair for protection before exposing your locks to chlorine, or invest in a fashionable swimming or shower cap – whichever suits you best.

Have Regular Trims

Split ends are not the best base for colour retention and will fade with time.

To keep your locks lusciously healthy, book a hairstylist visit every six to eight weeks – this way, you can get rid of those dead-ends and maintain beautiful hair!

Bleached Hair Hydration Tips

Here is what else helps to keep your bleached hair nourished and hydrated:

Coconut oil or Argan oil

To hydrate your hair, apply organic coconut oil to the length and ends of your strands. Leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Note that you should avoid applying the product directly at your roots to maintain volume and body.

DIY Hair Mask

Nourish your blonde locks with homemade masks crafted from chamomile tea, avocado, egg yolks, lemon and honey, banana, olive oil and almond milk.

Leave-in Conditioner

When you’re short on time, a no-wash conditioner is ideal for restoring your hair’s vitality.

Keratin Treatment

Alleviate any lost protein and experience beautiful, vivacious bleached blonde hair by utilizing a keratin care complex.

Drink More Water

Combat dull skin and unkempt hair by quenching your thirst from the inside out with adequate water.

The answer to a majority of beauty woes can be found in this simple solution!

Adjust Your Diet

If you want to make those strands shine, don’t just think of hair care products; consider the meals you eat.

Incorporating food sources with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, and iron can help nourish your scalp from within – ensuring it receives all of its vital nutrients for lasting health!

Protect Your Strands From The Sun

To keep your hair healthy and vibrant, never forget to shield it from the sun’s damaging rays. To take extra precautions, wear a hat outdoors and seek out haircare products with SPF formulations that protect both scalp and strands from ultraviolet exposure.

Sleep On Silk

Your delicate dry hair needs protection while you rest. A silk pillowcase is much more gentle on your strands than a cotton pillowcase or scarf.

Hair slides against silk while it catches on cotton, which prevents even more damage to your follicles. This creates friction and can lead to hair breakage.

5 Nourishing Hair Care Ingredients to Deeply Condition Bleached Hair

With so much confusion over which ingredients to use on hair, we must prioritize those committed to infusing moisture and ensuring its retention—especially for bleached locks.

Pro-vitamin B5

Pro Vitamin B5 is the hero of healthy hair. It has been confirmed to bring moisture to the center of your hair, which is essential for bleached strands after removing pigment. Not only does it infuse hydration into your locks, but it also boosts elasticity levels to minimize breakage!


Infused with pro-vitamin B5, this product prevents moisture loss in your hair and locks in its hydration levels while battling frizz. Perfect for bleached or dyed hair that needs a little extra TLC!

Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetearyl alcohol, a type of fatty alcohol distinct from ethyl alcohol, is an emollient used in high-end skincare due to its capability to soften and smoothen. It has a creamy texture when palpated between your fingers. I also use it in hair care as it helps seal the cuticle, which gets jagged after bleaching; this seals moisture and adds shine to hair—giving you that salon finish!


Avocado is a great ingredient for your hair, as it contains Oleic acid, which helps retain moisture and improve detangling. If you have ever bleached your hair, then you understand just how tangled it can become– making a specially formulated mask with avocado the ideal choice! Professional stylists highly recommend this remedy to restore health and sheen to dry and brittle strands of bleached hair.

Vitamin E

Nourish your hair with an all-natural conditioning ingredient that also doubles as a powerful antioxidant for healthy hair growth. Restore hydration to damaged and dehydrated hair while smoothing it out and giving it an extra shine!

How Long Should You Wait To Wash Your Hair After Bleaching?

We recommend waiting 48 hours after bleaching your hair to wash it again. This gives the hair time to recover and allows each strand’s hair cuticles and cortex to re-seal, trapping moisture.

After washing your hair, make sure you use a deep conditioning mask and finish with a blast of cold water or a leave-in conditioner for added protection.


Bleached hair requires a bit of extra TLC, but with the proper maintenance tips, you can keep your beautiful locks glossy and vibrant after each session.

Remember to stay hydrated, eat nutrient-rich meals, use deep conditioning treatments regularly and always protect your strands from the sun! All these steps will keep your bleached hair healthy and shimmering!

Taking care of your locks should always be at the top of your list, and with Vitamins Revive Store, you can find everything you need to keep your healthy bleached hair in perfect condition.

With the right knowledge and care, you can ensure that your bleached hair is healthy and looks great for years to come. So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors or try new styles – just remember to treat your hair with love and respect!